Takeaway cocktails

Many of our Cocktails use local spirits from producers such as Henstone (Oswestry) and Tanners (Shrewsbury). Not only are they great products but these support other local businesses and employers at this difficult time.

You will need to provide: ice (plenty of it, best get one of this big supermarket bags), a clean glass and for many of them a strainer (a clean unused tea strainer is fine).

Prices shown are for a measure to make one cocktail or two for pouring at the same time. If you want two for pouring at different times please order two singles.

Espresso Martini/Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Our legendary house speciality. Full of sweet coffee with a massive boozy kick from our secret spirit blend. We won’t tell you the recipe, but we will make sure you don’t miss out on this favourite in lockdown. Single £7.50 Double £13.00


Our version of the Tequila classic. Fresh and dry, but if you want a sweeter version we also offer passionfruit and strawberry versions.  Single £7.00 Double £12.50 – flavoured versions add £1.00


Our unique twist on this bittersweet classic, using Shropshire and Herefordshire spirits alongside Campari. We love this over ice with a slice or wedge of orange but for a longer summer drink top it off with prosecco for a fabulous twist on an Aperol Spritz! Single £6.00 Double £11.50


This is a firm favourite with many of you, the classic heatwave rum refresher, just like our margarita we can whip up passionfruit or strawberry versions if you are feeling fruity! Single £6.00 Double £11.50

Oswestry Old Fashioned

Using stunning Henstone Old Dog this is just blows us away. So simple to serve over ice with a slice of orange, bittersweet and aromatic for the discerning palate. Single £6.00 Double £11.50


We all need sanitiser right now, for our hands and our heads!! Made with 70% Alcohol absinthe and Tanners Hereford Gin this #LockDown 2020 special is refreshing and herbaceous with mint top notes. Shake as per our instructions as serve in a glass of your choice, and a sprig of mint and a wedge of lime to really up the ante! We should warn you that in testing this one really packed a punch! Single £7.00 Double £12.50


The second of our #Lockdown2020 specials. A tribute to our welsh friends who have had an even harder lockdown than us. This fresh, fruity and floral number is inspired by walking in the beautiful Welsh hills with blossom on the trees. Welsh Gins complemented by apple and elderflower make this drink deceptively light and refreshing despite the hefty spirit kick. We do not recommend trying to go for a walk in the country after a couple of these! Single £7.00 Double £12.50


Jonny training the bosses how to make a takeaway Espresso Martini