Weird Beard F@#k You I Won’t Brew What You Tell Me 440ml can 9.3%


A West Coast IPA

When Odyssey and Weird Beard got together as part of Collabageddon ‘17, the first thing we both said was, “we aren’t brewing a NEIPA”. So what is the best anti-NEIPA? A kick-arse, hoppy, bitter as (insert expletive here) West Coast IPA; like the ones we grew up with.

Bold USA hops work their forces, Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus are what you bring to this kind of party, and we brought plenty. These give grapefruit, squeezed orange juice and pine aromas. Swilling in the name of proper DIPAs. Light caramel. more citrus fruit and resin: tasty dry…

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