Seven Island Tsoureki Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml can 12% 🇬🇷


Hello people

Our brewing adventures never stop as we go full throttle experimenting with crazy ingredients and combinations that are unique

So we decided that this its the perfect time of the year to give you a very traditional taste from our Holiday season in Greece …..

Around these days each year in Greece we prefer to have a famous sweet brioche bread with unique spices called “Tsoureki “
Taking this stuff in account we combined our ©️Pastry Series imperial stout base and dosed it with freshly crushed mahleb & cardamom seeds,mastique drops from Chios Island, Tahitian vanilla beans and also white chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

The result is an amazing liquid white chocolate covered “Tsoureki” filled with roasted hazelnut praline dipped in extremely chocolatey and roasty imperial stout filled with fresh hot spices

A crazy combination of adjuncts and imperial stout you’ll all love

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