Seven Island Cookies ‘n’ Cream Imperial Pastry Stout 440ml can 12% πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·


” Try to imagine the feeling when you are dipping your teeth into a fresly backed chocolate dough Donut and you get and explosion of chocolate cookies and vanilla cream from the delicious filling and the luscious glazed topping……..”

Can you?
We do

That’s why we took our ©️PASTRY SERIES Imperial Stout base and we dosed it with huge amounts of chocolate and caramel malts ,double amounts of Tahitian vanilla and tons of our beloved cookies & cream resulting in a big,chewy and dark biscuity and creamy imperial stout that makes you feel you are biting a creamy donut 🍩 sprinkled with πŸͺ crumbles after you’ve dipped it in dark melted chocolate and stracciatella ice cream

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