Krombacher Alkoholfrei 330ml bottle 0.0%


A natural thirst-quencher with fine maltiness and 0.0% alcohol. It is the most popular non-alcoholic Pils in Germany – with a 20% market share.

Krombacher Alkoholfrei Pils is an ideal alternative to sweet soft drinks for all those who consciously choose to avoid alcohol of any kind, but without sacrificing flavor. Thanks to the brewing process valuable ingredients, vitamin B12 and folic acid are retained and it satisfies those looking for sporty-isotonic refreshment with a full-bodied taste.

Energy per 100 ml – 27 kcal / 116,0 kJ

IBU 21

Hops – Perle & Tradition for aroma, Hallertauer Magnum & Taurus for bittering.

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