Castle Rock Mosaic SIPA 440ml can 4%


Brewed by Castle Rock at Attic Brewery, Birmingham.


The brewing liquor was treated with a 1:2 Sulfate:Chloride ratio, which softens the perception of bitterness and helps to create a fuller mouthfeel.

We used extra pale malt for the base of the grist in this beer, this gives the beer a light colour and provides a subtle, low key flavour profile.

A higher mash bed temperature of 68⁰C leaves plenty of residual sugars in the finished beer after fermentation, as it produces more unfermentable sugar. When combined with the addition of oats, this lends the beer a smooth and full mouthfeel.

Attic’s London Ale III yeast strain was used to ferment this beer, giving the beer a lot of fruity esters. It has low attenuation characteristics, which means the yeast leaves a lot of sugars unfermented relative to other yeast strains. This gives the beer a really ‘chewy’, full and lingering mouthfeel. It packs a whole lot of flavour for a low ABV, session pale.

We chose to showcase one of our favourite hops, Mosaic, as the one and only hop in this beer.

It’s a hop with a lot of depth, displaying tropical fruit, passion fruit and blueberry characteristics, as well as more aggressive pine and grapefruit notes. It brings a LOT to the table.

For SIPA: Mosaic, we’ve dry hopped at 16g per litre, with the aim of providing a really tasty amount of aroma.

The beer has an IBU level of 30, a suitably low level of bitterness, to let all the flavour from the Mosaic come through and do its thing.

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