Blue Slate Gin 70cl 42%


Dinorwig Distillery was launched with Blue Slate Gin. Made in the London Dry way, it is a gin with an intense herbal hit that sets it apart from other gins you will find. On the palate, Blue Slate Gin is rich with spicy pine leading to an elderflower-citrus heart and a long oak and heather-honey finish.

To make this gin many hours were spent exploring the flavour profile of juniper and then painstakingly distilling other native botanicals. Eventually, the combination was found that reflected the essential components of a great London Dry gin, while also also capturing some of the essence of the Dinorwig flora.

In making this signature spirit, juniper from Macedonia is used for its rich spicy notes; coriander seed from the UK for warm citrus tones; and dried angelica root from Poland for earthy undertones.  To this is added seasoned Welsh oak bark from the Dinorwig woods and pick coriander seed, rosemary and bay leaves fresh from the garden; these botanicals are present in the aroma and throughout the sip.  Coriander seed green from the garden is used to enhance the green herbal elements and locally sourced rhubarb to give an elderflower-citrus edge. Raw heather honey is sourced locally to soften the rhubarb and give a wild flower hint at the end of each sip. Finally, fresh mountain water is drawn direct from the distillery’s own well to distil and blend the gin to 42% ABV.

Although it is not possible to source all the ingredients locally in the quantity that is needed, the princple is established: use nothing that cannot be harvested in North Wales.

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