A great opening day

So yesterday morning, after Grace had to make a quick trip for some stitches in her hand inflicted while unwrapping a new catering knife, we opened the doors on The Bailey Head. The Mayor, Councillor Peter Cherrington put on his chains and made the short walk across the Bailey Head to cut the ribbon and declare us open. The press were there, as was Dave Roll from Shrewsbury and West Shropshire CAMRA.

You can read the Shropshire Star coverage and watch a video of the opening here.

Here are a few of the photos Dave Roll took, including one with Grace’s dad. This is tinged with sadness as Grace’s mum died just two weeks ago and was looking forward to helping get The Bailey Head up and running, but we know she will be looking down happy with opening day.



With Grace’s dad

Our new signs went up today!

Our new pub signs have gone up in time for the opening tomorrow.
They have been hand made locally by Andy Field, who is a real craftsman.

When you are putting signs on an 18th century pub you should be doing something traditional. So our signs are made from marine ply with 8 layers of paint lovingly applied then sanded between each coat. The lettering is then applied with genuine gold leaf.


Because of the listed status of the building we have been careful to make sure the new sign on the front of the building is the same size as the old Castle Tavern lettering, though much more traditional and in keeping.

There hasn’t been a hanging sign for a while, so it is good to get a new one up.


Oswestry Mayor to Open Community Pub Run by Real Ale Champions

The Mayor of Oswestry, Councillor Peter Cherrington, is to open a pub converted to a community centred freehouse run by Campaign for Real Ale champion owners.

Husband and wife team Grace Goodlad and Duncan Borrowman have purchased the former Castle Tavern and have renamed it “The Bailey Head”.

Until earlier this week they ran a members club in London which is the current CAMRA Greater London Club of the Year  and a National Club of the Year finalist, both for the second time. In total they have won eight CAMRA awards in the last three years.

Grace Goodlad said: “We want to run a community centred pub. As well as great beer, we will offer good wine, select spirits and a high quality range of soft drinks as well as teas and coffee. We will also plan to serve locally produced quality pub food such as cheese boards with locally produced cheeses, local handmade scotch eggs, pork pies, sausage rolls and charcuterie.”

Duncan Borrowman added: “Whether you want to come in for a pint of great real ale, craft beer, Wrexham lager or genuine German pils or sit down with a coffee and a newspaper, which we will have available in the pub, we want to welcome you. We are also keen to welcome small community groups and things like “stitch and bitch” or local clubs and groups to reserve a corner of the bar.”

Councillor Cherrington will cut the ribbon to open The Bailey Head on Tuesday, 8 March at 11am.