The “C” Word

We hate to mention it… but the ‘C’ word isn’t that far away.
Our first (small) pre-Christmas delivery of BA and vintage beers arrives tomorrow.
Supplies of these beers are always extremely limited, and possibly even more so than before this year.
We have a lot of pre-orders in but are uncertain if they shall all arrive, especially those being freighted from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden etc. etc.
Please keep your eyes peeled on our socials and message us ASAP if there is something you want. Its first come first served and we cannot guarantee future deliveries.
More to be revealed, but suffice to say, you guys are in for one heck of a Christmas Party if they all arrive….
As usual please get in touch for hampers or for rare and artisanal spirits. Craft Gins, Rums and Whiskeys can always be sourced and we do carry a fair amount in stock for last minute buys!

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