The Bailey Head, Oswestry – Reopening plans for 19th July 2021

The Bailey Head, Oswestry – Reopening plans for 19th July 2021

It has been a very challenging 18 months for everyone and we want to thank all of our customers for their support during these strange and difficult times. All of the team have been stunned by your support and concern for us as individuals as well as for the business during numerous lockdowns and also periods of opening under assorted ever-changing rules. On July 19th the legal restrictions we have been operating under end, but we have had so many conversations with so many of you that it is clear to us that you want us to continue to keep the pub safe and take precautions to ensure we are not helping the spread of covid.

Much as the Covid virus is now significantly less dangerous to most of us who have had two vaccinations, there are still many who have only had one vaccine or none at all, and there are still people at significant clinical risk. As the virus goes into its third wave there is a real risk that the vulnerable can get infected, either via a carer, or a child or a friend becoming infected and unknowingly exposing them to it, and with that in mind we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to act in a considerate manner towards those at risk. We will be using the freedoms we now have to hopefully make things easier and more comfortable for us all, but we shall also still be retaining many covid safety measures, here is a snapshot of what we are doing and what we would request of you:

  • If you know you have been exposed to covid, or feel unwell and that you may have the virus, please test and isolate and don’t come to the pub
    Hand sanitisers are staying at the pub front door, both toilets and the midpoints of the pub
  • Test and trace is no longer a legal requirement but we will still have QR codes in place and operating a test and trace book for those who wish to be contacted if they are exposed
  • Facemasks are here to stay for staff and also if you are moving around the building, ie to go to the toilet or entering or leaving the pub
  • There will be no seats at the main front bar, and no drinking at the front bar. A small number of barstools will be available at the back bar, please do not move them to the front
  • Overall seating numbers will increase slightly to increase capacity, There will still be no vertical drinking, so no drinking standing up – it’s too easy to roam into someone else’s space without thinking
  • You can order drinks at the bar and pay for them, then return to your table and they will be brought over, but please remember that when you are at the bar you must wear a mask unless exempt. We also request that you do not linger at the bar so others can get to it easily, and also to reduce the risk of the bar being contaminated by anyone who is inadvertently carrying the virus
  • For those who want to remain sitting outside and are uncomfortable coming to the bar, please give us a holler from the front door and we will provide table service
  • Dirty glasses should be left on your table or returned to the glasswasher basket on the bar. Please do not place glasses anywhere else on the bar
  • Table bookings will no longer be taken
  • The pub kitchen will remain closed as it is too small for social distancing to be maintained between the team, takeaway club is still going to be happening!! So bring in food or get it delivered.

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