Heads and Tales: Steve

The first of our person profiles in our Head and Tales series of blog posts

Name – Steve

Job Title – CEO of Chucking out Time/ Keg Wrangler

How long have you worked at the BH? – nearly 2 years now I think, with a short break to try a “proper” job. It didnt stick.

Favourite song or piece of music? Usually whatever proggy/metal album currently has my attention, or Fleetwood Mac if I’m working with Jonny.

What do you do for fun when not working? – Shout at my PC, wander around castles with Hannah, and mess about in my workshop with whatever musical instrument i currently have in bits on my bench.

Rich Tea or Digestive? Digestives, preferably the cherry bakewell ones.

Best or Funniest Bailey Head Memory or Story – My wedding reception at the BH is a great memory. I’ve also worked 2 New Year’s Eves, both of which were great fun! As for stories… What happens at the Bailey, stays at the Bailey. The staff outing to Manchester was Legendary, however.

Pineapple on Pizza (yes or no) Yeah, chuck it on!

How do you take your coffee? Black and Strong. no, Stronger. STRONGER.

Hardest or most difficult shift at BH? Mad Friday is always very difficult, not just because of how busy we get, but because a lot of folks out that night tend to not be regular pub-goers, and just don’t know how to behave. Hardest shift ever was definitely the time I had to give CPR to a person who had collapsed on the square near the pub. I’d take a Mad Friday every week over ever having to do that again.

Things you are most likely to be heard saying? – “Drink up please you lot! I want to go home!”

Favourite Beer or beer style? – Favourite beer is probably Hobson’s and Brew by Numbers Mosaic & Citra Pale Ale… perfect session ale. Favourite style changes all the time… most recently I’m enjoying Strong flavoured Impy Stouts.

Favourite Cocktail? – Hard to choose beween a Dark & Stormy, or a BH Old Dog Fashioned… so one in each hand, please.

If you could make one law what would it be? People who whistle at bar staff shall have their lips sewn shut, and clicking fingers shall be punishable by public flogging.

Who’s best, Grace or Duncan? I choose to excercise my right to remain silent.

What are you looking forward to most after lockdown ends? Seeing my friends and family again, and being able to go for a cold beer on a hot day.

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