Price increases

Unfortunately we are having to increase a number of price increases over the next few days.

Firstly, we are finding it increasingly difficult to source session strength cask beers of the quality and variety we want to stock that we can continue to sell at £2.70 a pint. We have noticed, presumably due to disproportionate increases in ingredient costs against duty, that in percentage terms weaker beers are costing more by a significant amount. Therefore, as from today, new beers coming on at 4% and under will be £3 a pint. There is no increase in the price of beers in the 4.1% to 4.9% range, which will remain at £3 or in the 5% plus range which remain at £3.60 (except for very occasional extra strong specials).

Secondly, due to the sugar tax, our new price lists will go out in the next couple of days with increases in the price of most sparkling soft drinks. However Fever Tree tonics will not be increasing.

There will also be some small increases in the price of wine. Bottles of house wine will go up from £10 to £11.

Spirit prices are unchanged.

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