Our new Antipasti Platter


We have changed our antipasti platter, and are really excited by the new charcuterie! It is very tasty

We now use whole pieces, which we slice to order.

All of the meats come from Trealy Farm in Monmouthshire and Shropshire Salumi  from just outside Shrewsbury. Those of you who have tried our salumi sticks will have tried Shropshire Salumi’s meats before.

The current charcuterie range on the platter is:

Trealy Farm Monmouthshire Air-Dried Welsh Beef – ‘Bresaola/Cecina’ style – with chilli and spices
Trealy Farm Welsh Lamb and Lemon Merguez Salami
Trealy Farm Welsh Lamb Carpaccio with Rosemary
Shropshire Salumi Hunters Salami
Shropshire Salumi Salami

Accompanied by Marinated Whole Black Olives, Green Pitted Olives Stuffed with Garlic, Part Dried Tomatoes, Petits Pains

All for a steal at £5.50

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