Is this Oswestry’s first KeyKeg beer?

Don’t be put off by the word Keg in the name. KeyKeg can be real ale by CAMRA’s definition, just as cask beer isn’t always real ale.

While it comes out cold, and more effervescent than hand pulled real ale, no gas is pumped into the beer. Instead gas is used to squeeze a bag that the beer is in and force it up the pipe to the tap. We are pretty sure we are the first pub serving KeyKeg in Oswestry.

Provided the beer is live it is real ale in CAMRA terms.

We have just put our latest guest beer on the keg fonts, and with a bit of work in the cellar, it is KeyKeg. As the beer is unpasteurised and unfiltered it is real ale! Incidentally, this beer is also unfined.

A 5.4% IPA by Intrepid Brewing of Derbyshire, Traveller has replaced the Salopian Kashmir.

The description from the brewers:

Intrepid Traveller 5.4%
American India Pale Ale
With plenty of fruit flavours, bags of hoppyness and finished with a slight caramel sweetness.
Where will the Intrepid Traveller lead you?

Straw coloured, fruity nose and initial flavour of oranges & grapefruit followed by a bitter bite at the end from all the hops which are from America, Australia and New Zealand.


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